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Monday through Thursday classes are 4 hours long (10 am - 2 pm) and $50 per class.  Tuition is paid monthly and due no later than the first day of each month.  The total cost of tuition for a 4 week month is $200.  For those occasional months throughout the year that contain five weeks on a student's chosen weekday, the cost will be $250 for the month.

Any student who begins after the start of a 4 (or occasional 5) week session during the month will have their first month prorated so that they will only pay for the remaining weeks left in that first month.  If a student misses a session once their classes begin, they still must pay for that missed class as with any college or art center.  However, I do allow makeup classes when students must miss.  A student can makeup a class on a day other than their normal weekly class day as long as there is room to do so.  However, only currently enrolled students may take advantage of the makeup system.  A student may not take advantage of the makeup system if they drop out of their weekly class.  Students will receive a makeup for any day that I must cancel due to illness, an emergency or any other reason.

I teach according to each person's individual needs so students of all skill levels may be in a single class.  Classes are taught continuously throughout the year except when they fall on a holiday.  For classes that fall on holidays, either a full makeup class will be issued for all students or students can makeup on their own in another class other than their scheduled weekday.  Students must make up any classes missed during the same calendar year.  The only exceptions are classes that fall within the months of October through December due to the holiday season.  These classes can be carried over into the next calendar year for makeups if need be.

Classes are limited to a maximum number of 9 regular students currently to ensure that each student receives a sufficient amount of personalized attention. Classes will be filled on a first come, first served basis.


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Oil Painting Classes: Monday through Thursday 10 am - 2 pm