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The SVEC Method™ Painting the Female Portrait in Oil

Kris Meadows is a fine artist as well as instructor.  He has made a silk purse painter out of this sow’s ear columnist in just a few short years and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

Dick Yarbrough, Syndicated Columnist, Quote from Marietta Daily Journal article, 1.21.2012

Amazing!  I think even I could learn to paint.

Donna Davis, Host of Home & Style TV, Quote from Marietta Daily Journal article, 1.21.2012

Your video is amazing to say the least! Thanks for sharing. I think many artists have a lot to learn from you. 

Paula Lindner, Asst. Director,Quinlan Visual Arts Center, 2.3.2012

OMG... Kris- It's 1:48 am... I've been spellbound watching the video parts you sent me.  They are wonderful, and your voice is spectacular.  Kudos!  And I absolutely loved getting to see the outtakes.  They have left me giggling.  I am so impressed.  Hope to see more of you soon!

Ann Marshall Bailey, President, The Portrait Society of Atlanta 2011-2013, 2.12.2012

Yep, I got it today in the mail....started watching it and got interrupted but I will get back to it...Hey, It's great...guess what, even an old art dog like myself, with lots of classes under my extremely large belt, I still learned something from your video!  Kris, You and your production company should be very proud of the product that you have produced...As I have said many, many times before, YOU are a gifted educator in the visual arts...I would suspect that if you put your mind and thoughts together you could teach anything to anyone...YOU HAVE THE GIFT!  I assure you not everyone who teaches has this gift.  So....my friend my advice to you is to move forward with your video productions, choosing topics that other artists haven't touched yet...I don't know what that might be, but I am sure you will figure it out...I will let you know when I finish viewing the video...I am excited about it...it does hold my interest...good work!

Gene Wiggins, MFA & Former Art Educator, Newnan GA, 3.3.2012

Kris, your DVD's arrived in this afternoon's mail delivery.   Hubby and I have just finished watching it.  If I'm late for Chancel Choir and church, you are to blame.  In the next couple of days, I will be putting some of my novice thoughts regarding your instructional video in a word file and sending it off to you.  The fact that we stayed up this late glued to your video should be a clue that we are totally engrossed and impressed.

Sincerely, Merrilee Morris, Artist, Marietta GA, 3.3.2012

REVIEW UPDATE:  Our Kris Meadows SVEC Method DVD’s arrived on a Saturday in early March.  It was my intent to watch just a bit of DVD #1 to verify it wasn’t damaged in transit or of poor quality.  Five hours later, I’d watched the entire DVD set.  The only problem I had was I hadn’t put on my student learning hat.  That first go-round I treated the instructional video as mesmerizing entertainment, which it was; but even more.

Over-all, the video is excellent, sharp, steady, and uncomplicated by extraneous clutter, clatter, and chatter.  While the artist, Kristopher Meadows, appears and speaks at the start of the series, the instruction is totally painting focused.   Of the basic three items used by the artist, the paint palette, the canvas, and the model, two seem always present on the screen.  This focused technique made the video easy to follow as well as being an excellent visual guide on bringing all aspects of the portrait together.

The artist’s voice served as background to his color mixing and painting strokes, explaining, showing, reflecting, and sharing his knowledge and passion for painting.  His eye for color is amazing.  For me, the color wheel in the intro portion of the DVD and the explanation of cool and warm colors cannot be over emphasized.

I’ve had little in the way of art training; one beginner drawing class in pencil and charcoal.  I believe with this instructional video I can learn at my own pace.  Further, I can gain artistic confidence, knowledge, and skills without feeling pressured by time, travel, or my learning curve.  For these reasons, I find these DVDs are a workable, reasonably priced, and excellent solution for my desire or anyone’s desire to learn to paint.  I have already recommended this video to three of my friends.

I want to paint portraits, houses, and landscapes from photographs; mainly of a family historical nature.  In addition, I would like to creatively illustrate the children’s stories I have written.  I hope Kristopher Meadows will create future five star instructional videos in these areas.  Thank you, Kris.

Sincerely, Merrilee Morris, Artist, Marietta GA, 3.17.2012

This is the best portrait DVD I have ever seen!  I recommend your portrait video to all artists.

Marta L. Suarez, Artist, Marietta GA, 3.6.2012

If you are a beginning painter or very experienced, we are always reminded to pay attention to Shape, Value, Edges and Color, right? My new FB friend Kristopher Meadows has developed one of the best instructional DVDs packed with everything we need to know and remember as painters. I have never seen the info clarified in such an insightful concise (5hrs) manner. I am not affiliated with Kris, I just think this is an invaluable DVD.

Nancy Rhodes Harper, Artist, Huntsville AL, 3.7.2012

An outstanding painting tutorial that combines effective instruction and first class production value.  In these few short hours Meadows has condensed all the essential information that would normally take an entire semester to learn; with the added benefit of being able to view it all over and over.  One of the best courses for painting out there!

Edward Eyth, Advanced Visual Communications Instructor, Art Center College of Design, 3.17.2012

I'm enjoying the video. The intro is a GREAT summation/tutorial on what we do. Great video and much success with it.

Timothy Beacham, Artist, Roswell GA, 3.21.2012

ABSOLUTELY recommended!! Beautifully done, Kris!

Maureen Shotts, Artist, Tuscaloosa AL, 3.21.2012

If anyone has the desire to REALLY learn, this is the teacher and dvd for you.

Ann Herren Miltiades, Artist, Marietta GA, 3.23.2012

Hey there--Just wanted to let you know that I finally got around to watching your instructional DVD and was very impressed, especially the initial set-up and explanation of the SVEC method. Nicely done.

Thomas Key, Artist/Art Instructor, Smyrna GA, 3.23.2012

I thought the video was very professional and informative. I liked the emphasis put on your palette and the fact that you informed the viewer which colors you were using just about every time you applied them to the canvas. The information was extremely clear and easy to understand.  For someone with the dream of becoming a better portrait painter, the impossible dream is possible with this DVD if you follow it from beginning to end and have the discipline and determination to do it. 

Eleanor “Bootsie” Callaham, Artist, Marietta GA, 3.27.2012

A wonderful course in portrait painting and art theory for both the beginner and more advanced painters. After a break from the art world to rear my family and over twenty years as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have recently returned to my love of art and Kris' classes and this video have been a great benefit in helping me review and move forward. To have so much art theory and Kris' demonstration all in one video as he explains everything he is doing has been a huge blessing. I heartily recommend this video/art workshop for anyone who enjoys art and wants to learn more. Thank you, Kristopher, for your wonderful instruction! 

Sarah Tate, Marriage and Family Therapist, Snellville GA, 4.1.2012

I got the video today, and watched it immediately.  It's fantastic, you covered everything, right down to the color mixtures.  I love being able to see the palette as you are working. The fact that you mention the colors as you make your mixtures really helps. I will have to watch it again and again, there is so much to absorb.  I would definitely give it a 5.  Thank you Kris for making the video.  I can watch it over and over and learn something every time.  Nothing takes the place of being in your classes, but the video is the next best thing.

Catherine “Kaly” Susky, Artist/Art Instructor, Lawrenceville GA, 4.30.2012