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Florida native, Kristopher Meadows began his career early in life taking up drawing at the age of three.  As a child he developed a strong affinity for the art world as a result of his fascination with comic book illustrations.  Kris turned his attention to portraiture around the age of thirteen and quickly developed the skill to "see" and realize a drawing that captured the "spirit and soul" of his subject.  Kris continued on his own teaching himself techniques from art books and methods of painting employed by artists he admired.

In 1990, Kris was the first student to be given the honor of a one-man show while attending Central Florida Community College.  Less than a year later he enrolled in the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) on a partial scholarship and quickly caught the attention and admiration of his peers and instructors.  He graduated with honors from SCAD in May 1994 with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in Art History.  Although Fine Art was always his first love, Kris's classes in Illustration sharpened his skills in drawing and composition.

Influenced by great portrait artists such as John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn and Joaquin Sorolla, Kris employs a painting technique known as alla prima, Italian for “at the first”.  The idea is to capture the essence of the subject in a bold, intuitive 


way, using vigorous, expressive brushstrokes and minimal color mixing on the palette or support.  This technique renders the subject in a fresh, spontaneous and energetic way and keeps the portrait from being overworked and appearing "stiff" or lifeless.  In his work, Kris strives to do what the masters of portraiture have done before him - create the illusion of life on a two-dimensional surface and an emotional connection between the image and viewer.

Kris has painted portraits of several distinguished individuals including Michele Wiles, principal ballet dancer for The American Ballet Theatre; actor Christopher Reeve; First Lieutenant Roger Mullin for the U.S. Army; and most recently Richard Yarbrough, managing director of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.  Meadows has studied under painters Albert Handel and Casey Baugh as well as world renowned sculptor Richard MacDonald.  Meadows is a member of the Portrait Society of Atlanta, the Portrait Society of America and Oil Painters of America.  His work has been featured in national publications such as American Art Collector Magazine and group exhibitions for which he has won numerous awards and accolades.

Kris was voted “Best Local Artist” in Cobb Life Magazine for 2011.  In March 2012, he released his first instructional portrait painting video entitled The SVEC Method™:  Painting the Female Portrait in Oil.  Kris currently spends much of his time between painting portraits and figurative images and teaching oil painting classes privately out of his Marietta studio.